Frequently Asked Questions


Why was my listing suspended?
Will i receive a refund if my listing is rejected?
Can I upgrade to a featured listing?
Why has my FREE listing not been reviewed?
What are Contact Requests?
What happens to my featured listing if i don't renew?
Do you provide business details?
Why is my website URL not appearing within my free listing?
Do you accept non UK Business listings?
Is the free listing really free?
Can i provide a tweet for my featured listing?
Do you offer twitter promotion?
Do you call listing owners?
Can i make changes to my listing?
How long before premium listings are reviewed?
How do i cancel my listing?
Do you offer banner advertising?
Will my listing be approved if i select a premium listing?
Can I have a full list of businesses listed on your directory?
Can i contact you via phone?
What is a Meta Description?
What is a vCard?
Why do advertisements appear on some listings?
What is a HTML Editor?
Why was my listing suspended after i made a change?