Frequently Asked Questions


Why was my listing suspended?
Will i receive a refund if my listing is rejected?
Why can't I see the option to upgrade my listing?
Can I upgrade to a featured listing?
Why has my FREE listing not been reviewed?
What are Contact Requests?
What happens to my featured listing if i don't renew?
Do you provide business details?
Why is my website URL not appearing within my free listing?
Do you accept non UK Business listings?
Is the free listing really free?
Do you call listing owners?
Can i make changes to my listing?
How long before premium listings are reviewed?
How do i cancel my listing?
Do you offer banner advertising?
Will my listing be approved if i select a premium listing?
Can I have a full list of businesses listed on your directory?
Can i contact you via phone?
What is a Meta Description?
What is a vCard?
Why do advertisements appear on some listings?
What is a HTML Editor?
Why was my listing suspended after i made a change?