Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my listing suspended?

Common reasons why listings are suspended include:

1) Company name includes additional text. Please input your company name into the title field. We do not accept titles such as Web Design London, Plumber located in leeds, Joe Bloggs Ltd | Bathrooms | Kitchens, Builder London, find a dentist near you, and so on.

2) Do not use all CAPS within text fields such as PLUMBER LEEDS or 26 ADDRESS STREET or LONDON or WWW.WEBSITENAME.COM

3) Your company is not a UK Business. We only accept UK Businesses

4) Errors within your listing. We only attempt to resolve issues if you submit a premium listing.

5) Your listing already exists. We do not accept duplicate company listings

6) We don't accept a website address within the company name field

7) We don't allow website url's within the description field unless you are submitting a premium listing

8) Free listings don't include the option to add a website url. We find that visitors will add their url to a different text field. We don't allow this. If you wish to add your website address, please submit using out standard or featured listing

9) We take the time to review listings so please take the time to complete your listing with accurate information. Please provide a description about your business and not just add a few words, such as, plumber based in Manchester . Please add details on the services you offer.

10) You submitted a paid listing without completing payment

11) We don't accept hashtags within your listing, for example #plumber #dentist

12) Please don't add keywords within the description field such as: laptops, design, web development, desktops, servers, kitchens, bathrooms. Please add your services as a vertical list

13) Don't include opening hours, address or telephone number within the description field

14) Please don't additional wording to the company name field, such as; Joe Bloggs Ltd | Dentist In London

15) Don't include your address, post code, city, county within the address one field. There is a seperate text box for each

16) Include a brief description about your business, we don't accept descriptions including a few words such as roofer in London, Web Design Manchester, Plumber in Leeds etc 

For further details on submission rules, please visit our terms page here