Yorkshire Inventories

Yorkshire Inventories

•    Fully insured, professional, trained inventory clerks
•    Thorough, impartial inventory reports to ARLA, APIP and AIIC standards
•    Full colour inventory reports including photographs from just £40.00
•    Flexible appointments with online diary system
•    Reports sent electronically within 24 hours
•    Coverage throughout the Yorkshire region
•    Our fees are NOT subject to VAT

We offer a comprehensive level of service to letting agents and landlords throughout the Yorkshire region. Our services have been designed and tailored over several years to offer expert, reliable and unique inventory reports, tenant check-in services, interim and periodic property inspections and check-out reports. We can be relied upon to offer competent expert advice and guidance we feel is difficult to match.

Our pricing, combined with our flexible approach and quality of service is second to none!  We have refrained from using apps and other 'time saving' products after trialling them extensively as we believe from our experience; there is nothing more professional, thorough or reliable as the tested 'dictation and transcription' method when preparing our reports. We realise this method takes longer but we take pride in a 'quality, not quantity' approach when putting our name to our reports.

Our services are available to letting agents, estate agents, property management companies, local authorities/councils, housing and student accommodation providers, relocation companies, retirement housing providers and private property landlords.

The inventory and building condition report we produce provides our clients with a detailed description of the property; along with fixtures, fittings and furnishings; together with a schedule of condition of the cosmetic decoration of a property-to-let at the commencement of a tenancy period.

A standard inventory and building condition report produced by Yorkshire Inventories for a 3 bedroom, semi-detached property would average 35 pages. With between four to eight photographs taken of each room to give an overview to the reader.  Additional close-up photographs may also be included to capture any existing cosmetic damage or damage to fixtures and fittings.


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