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Karwan Al Madinah Tour Operators Ltd is one of the United Kingdoms leading tour and travel provider for Hajj and Umrah, providing integrated tour and travel services. With our 27 years of experience let Karwan Al Madinah be your gateway to Hajj and Umrah.

When it comes to booking and planning your journey of a life time you can rely on Karwan Al Madinah Tour Operators experience and expertise to make your journey truly memorable. Karwan Al Madinah was founded in 1987 with a vision of providing people with a best quality of travel arrangements at affordable prices. We are authorised by the ministry of Hajj to provide Hajj and Umrah packages.

We are a company based on honesty and integrity who always go that extra mile to make your journey truly memorable. We uphold the highest ethical standards and believe in creating new benchmarks in the industry.

Karwan Al Madinah is a well recognised for Umrah and Hajj Services. We offer a full range of Umrah Packages from Econo

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  • 266 Gibbet Street
    Halifax, HX1 4LT
  • Phone: 01422 363599
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 Would definitely recommend, 21-01-2019 04:17PM

By: Sajid Hussain

Went on hajj with karwan al madinah last year absolutely brilliant experience.
Excellent service provided through out very nice hotels near the harram. Best part was very good service provided in mina and arafat during the 5 days of hajj. Would definitely recommend.

 Best Hajj Company, 15-06-2017 04:03PM

By: Salaam

Assalamu Alaykum!

My spiritual journey to Mecca with Karwan Al Madinah ( KAM ) Hajj 2015 was a heart-felt joy indeed. KAM group provided excellent service for us on our hajj. They were organized and kept us updated throughout the process. I would highly recommend this group to anyone looking for peace of mind while on their hajj, as you do not have to worry about much except performing all the rituals. They provided materials to prepare for Hajj, which I found very helpful
The entire experience was nothing short of epic. Our Group Leader Mr Rab Nawaz Saab is a great leader, organiser and his attention to detail is just amazing. May Allah SWT bless him for the great service he is providing to the Muslim community in the UK.
Our group had a mixture of Imams, Moulvi’s, scholars, students of Islam who kept us guiding throughout this Hajj and kept the group well-informed about the piligrim's duties and the requirements prescribed by Islam.
Incantations of Talbiyah, invocations of Takbir, and recitations of suras ãlways acompanied the piligrims throughout the journey. Undoubtedly, it was all these factors that made the spiritual journey a trip to be remembered and I am so glad I was part of it ALHAMDULILLAH.
Most important point is my brother in law who accompanied me was partly blind and the management did help us in every way they could to make his hajj as much comfortable as possible

We didn't take much time to clear immigration process as we landed on the last day for hajj pilgrims and came out in an hour.Then the bus provided by our mualim ( agents selected by our group KAM ) took us to Mecca.

Buses took us to Makkah hotel where our rooms were kept ready by Mr Rab Nawaz Saab and his team. Our hotel was just 2-3 mins walk from the Haram and we found it extremely convenient. Food was served 3 times a day in our

During Hajj, we had the following:

1- Sofa beds, Air cooled European tents, food supplied

2- In Arafath we were provided AC Tents ( which was not even a part of our package ) but our group leader surprised all of us with this very nice gesture

3- Provided us coaches to and from Mina, Arafath and then back to our hotels

4- Qurbani was given on time on behalf of us and we were informed throughout this process

Alhamdulillah After our Hajj, we moved to Medina for 9 days. This is one of the important criteria for me as not all companies were doing 9 day package in medina in a 3 week package. All the time staff helped in loading and unloading luggage from hotel to buses.

We stayed at Nozal Royal Inn which was just 3 mins walk from Haram Area again. Good was quality and was part of our package. We then finished our 9 days peacefully, safely and had a blessed time alhamdulillah. We left for Manchester direct from Medina, again not every company were able to do this.

My overall rating for this group is excellent, and would definitely recommend it to others. The group leaders were very friendly and helpful. May Allah swt bless them all

 Excellent Hajj truly 5 star, 13-06-2017 09:00AM

By: Haji

My husband and I went to hajj with karwan Al Madina Halifax.september 4 th to September 20 th 2016.
We chose this company after 4/5 months research."Thou , it was their first time doing a VIP package.
We were put up in the Makkah Hilton suites which was excellent.
Uncle Rab Nawaz and Saqab were with us from the minute we decided to go with them.
They did pretty good for their first time with VIP package.
Everything was perfect.
Hotels , food , transport etc.
The only 2 things we would request them to give more attention to in the next VIP package ,as we will be going with them again and recommending other golf as well. The 2 things they have to do is keep the VIP people in a separate tent in Mina.
As this is a very big group of almost 250 plus people.
People that pay that extra should be in a separate tent at Mina.
The other thing is as most group is economy and stay about 10/15 minutes walk away from haram and we were almost in haram. We had to walk to other hotel to get coaches for Mina , airport etc.which can be a bit too much for elderly ill folk.
There was 12 people in the VIP package 2 were elderly and ill.
I give them 5 stars for their first attempt and know things will improve as they take on more and more VIP people.
They are good honest hardworking Allah fearing people.
They take pride in their work.
From start to finish 5 stars .
Allah bless them and we would definitely recommend them to family and friends and go back again.
I fell ill on my return and they have been asking after me that shows they are good human beings ....

 Excellent, 29-03-2017 01:02PM

By: Umrah

I try to travel for Umrah every Ramadān and Karwan al Madinah have been amazing in facilitating these visits to the sacred lands. The quality, expertise and package is unrivalled, especially as students who aren't the most affluent. The fact that a quality package is put together at an amazing price each year is testament to the companies ethos and passion to excel in Hajj and Umrah packages. I am intending to go again this Ramadān and there's no doubt who I will be going with alongside my friends. Karwan al Madinah also assist and sponsor with classes and courses at our local Masjid, which shows their sincerity.

Barak Allāhu Feekum

 Amazing Journey, 18-01-2017 10:27AM

By: Mr Shah

A friend recommended I use this company for my recent Ummrah trip. I visited them at their office, and was told what I would expect throughout my journey.

They did exactly what they promised. The journey was amazing. I would highly recommend these guys anytime.

Thank you for a great experience.